14.05.2016 2 Bitches and 2 Males

kristi image
Christy Red Raisins Bayard Skeet
Born: 10.06.2009 Born: 09.06.2012
HD: A HD: A2
ED: 0 ED: 0
Augen: frei Augen: frei
PRA: Clear PRA: A
CEA: Normal/Clear CEA: Normal/Clear
JADD Probable normal JADD: Normal/Clear
DM Clear DM: Normal/Clear
Homepage Fire Shadow Dilute: D/d carrier


 Fire Shadow Just A Pursuit Of Happiness “Yuri” 6 Monate
Fire Shadow Jacqueline 19059382_635420979982501_4401585331683135496_n
Fire Shadow Jasmine
Fire Shadow Jardin  18425562_1342054952556431_4801760563666343835_n





Red Raisins Bayard Skeet

Hedera’s for Alliance Littleriver’s Lapland Hunter Can CHLittleriver’s Delhaven Dancer
Littleriver’s Cinnamon
Hedera’s Unique Pearl Beinnbhreagh’s Innes On Hedera
Hedera’s Kustom Star

Dewberry’s Dual Ayita Paychi

River Duck’s Zephyr Min Ogonsten Kare’s Atlantic Flyer
River Duck’s Patricia
Int. Ch, VDH & DRC CH, Clubwinner `07Objibwa’s Paya-Kuta YaG Objibwa’s Heyawi PD
Objibwa’s Ghiisis







Happy Trail´s Sergent Andrew Happy Trail´s Commander Douglas Lyonhouse Andrew
Drogstas Alley-Cat
River Duck´s Unika Desti Kare Riverduck Of Flottatjarn
Rodahunds Saltstanka Noette
Tollered Marina Beinnbhreagh´s Innes On Hedera CH Littleriver´s Argus
CH Ruaview Jewel of Beinnbhreagh
Tollered Pretty Woman FIN EST DK D-VDH CH BALTW-98 KLBCH Rödrävens Mic
Tollbreton Dania