Aaron From The Monastery Field







Eastfarm´s Midnight Sun “Mason”



Don´s Paparazzi


Don´s Dalesman

Don´s Thunderstruck
Metzgard´s Bright Sunshine

Cleavehill Princess Pasty

Torcello Quelle Chance de Russethill
Cleavehill Rihanna


Cleavehill Princess Pasty


Eastfarm´s Flying Daemon

Cleavehill Robin Hoods Bay
Eastfarm´s Deeply in Love
Hammelgardens Seastar At Eastfarms Eastfarm´s Blue Seven Seas
Hammelgardens Sweet And Sour






Red And White´s Manila Mille Fleur “Maigen”



Ibn Sulwyn Our Loyal Welsh HD A


Freckles Priviliges HD A

Freckles Cosmos HD B
Freckles Mamma Mia HD H
Sulwyn Our Loyal Welsh HD TC Highclare Dutch Gold  HD +/-
Efa Boleyn V Berkenstein



Red And White´s Imperia Brava HD A


Red And White´s Surtsey Superior HD B

Red And White´s Lincoln De Dyfed HD A2
Red And White´s Qena Allowin HD B1

Red And White´s Astra Angel HD A

Red And White´s Wester D Von Ritter HD A
Red And White´s Sicilia Sidan HD A