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Bolle full-time heartthrob, golden boy and a calming influence. Meanwhile scored “of life Ernst” for the Bolle. The world is bigger. The baby is mutated to teen bitches Bolle is very interesting and the dummy training is in full swing. The latter makes it even so much that he is our household a real help, and even laundry with wearing down and to greet pet owners, there is always a welcome gift to the door mostly gebracht- Shoes: 0) He’s a great guy with lots of great features.



Bolle has the talent within the shortest time simply to inspire everyone for themselves. The puppy eyes at the right moments he has virtually invented his type does the rest to: Apparently Bolle has noticed much of his father, he cut him out of a face. As for its interior but he has inherited his mother all kinds of properties. He enjoys his work ethic and brimming with confidence, but with greater ease at the right moments. Both maternal and paternal him very much hunting passion was placed in the cradle with, of course, as befits a spaniel, with a pronounced preference for the love poultry.


6.6.2015 CACIB Klagenfurt

6.6.2015 CACIB Klagenfurt

Bolle is a very versatile great guy to people (big or small) and animals is always friendly. Fetch is his passion, but also exercises and tricks, where he is mentally busy, he is absolutely great. We are every time amazed at how smart he is and how fast it is understood and internalized lessons. An absolute abandoned dog at work, a super mate in everyday life and an absolute heart dog for everyone.

Facts of Bolle
Aaron From The Monastery Field Bolles Health Outcomes
Name: Bolle HD: A2/A2
Born: 30. Mai 2012 PRA: A
Size: 49 cm CEA: free
Weight: 22,5 kg Katarakt: free
Breeder: Sabine Engel, Scharnebeck
Website: Klick hier
Exams: Begleithundeprüfung BH/VT