Begleithundeprüfung BH/VT


On Saturday it was time, we introduced ourselves to the two guys in the BH / VT VDH. After the rehearsal the week before was mighty in trousers, we noticed all the more so relieved when we judge Markus Linkert from HSV United Groenau secretly hoped Grautaltion uttered: “Congratulations”. Incredibly, we proudly present 2 officially tested and recognized assistance dogs (VDH). From a total of 8 starters we have worked our way under the total of 6 teams that have ultimately passed the test. Thanks to Markus Linkert for coming and fair examination under bright sunshine, for his strict but fair directional manner and for the merciless great atmosphere. Malte also told me for days after the examination, that we have two service dogs. If there is a time not very proud. : D Would not surprise me if he was going to roll out each time for the boys to the Red Carpet! Regardless, he is rightly proud: We have two service dogs !!