about us

imageExcept Bolle and Skeet includes two people to pack. That are Malte and myself. Since we are in 2011 finally proud owner of a home, the desire and so the plan was to bring a dog into the house, unstoppable. So it was that Bolle and Skeet in the summer of 2012 could finally move in with us.

We are both very close to our hearts, we were aware, but not the extent to which they will do so.

Already they are an inseparable part of our lives and for us personally a great asset. So we spend a lot and a lot of time with our two boys in the dog school and leisure and plan future both with the dummy work to deal with and can take one or the other test in this area. But for now, it is important our two whippersnappers beizubiegen the basics. But this endeavor should be a no brainer with our two model students.

A special thanks to the respective breeders, which is probably not quite realize what a miracle they have done with their planned litter: 0)!